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Wild Turkey Hunt - Bob Walker


This app is designed to accompany you into the woods and assist you with no internet connection. Learn from one of the worlds most respected turkey hunters and bring unprecedented video tutorials with you into the field to use as reference while perusing your most favorite outdoor passion - wild turkey hunting.Check out our 'scenario' video library, watch all of our 'how to' videos, let our app accompany you into the field as a hunting partner and mandatory piece of gear in your pack.This app will be updated every few days through the 2016 wild turkey season. Our expert will deliver weather conditions, bird activity and share every 'what, when, how and why'' he makes his daily decisions which ultimately lead to success in the field for himself as well while guiding hunters. This feature alone is a powerful asset as you can compare tour daily hunt moves while referring to your turkey hunt app.There is no other app of this kind in the world today.42 years of turkey hunting knowledge within.